Samsung in China recently revealed a collaboration with Supreme but apparently it is not the streetwear label that was founded by James Jebbia in 1994.

Supreme company officially released a statement that says, “Supreme is not working with Samsung, opening a flagship location in Beijing or participating in a Mercedes-Benz runway show. These claims are blatantly false and propagated by a counterfeit organization.”

Samsung China’s digital marketing manager also finally cleared the misunderstanding, saying that Samsung China is collaborating with Supreme Italia, not Supreme NYC. This collaboration was announced during the launch of the Galaxy A8s, and two individuals who claimed to be Supreme’s CEOs revealed their plans on bringing the brand to the Chinese market next year and holding its first runway show at Mercedes-Benz Cultural Centre in Shanghai. Now do note that this is Supreme Italia, not Supreme NYC.

Supreme Italia is indeed a legal brand, but it is a rip-off of the Supreme NYC, with similar font and text, except that the red box logo is slightly larger. Supreme Italia recently won over a court case against Supreme NYC, which is why the company is still able to keep the brand name.

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Though technically the collaboration is legal, the Korean tech giant is definitely not getting off without any criticism, especially from loyal Supreme fans and fashion enthusiasts. The collaboration with a counterfeit organisation is somewhat ruining the reputation of the smartphone brand as they’re choosing to work with a rip off of a famous fashion brand. It could be possible that Samsung didn’t realise they’ve been duped, but then again, it could be that Samsung planned to work with Supreme Italia to bring some worldwide attention to the brand. Currently, it doesn’t seem like the consumers