Image credit: Nintendo

Marvel and Nintendo recently teamed up and released Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, and the game will be exclusively available on Nintendo Switch only.

The first Marvel Ultimate Alliance was released in 2006, followed by Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 that was released 2009. Now the third game is out after almost a decade, and it is developed by Team NINJA, a division of KOEI TECMO GAMES.

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order features many superheroes from the Marvel Universe, including the Avengers (obviously!), Guardians of the Galaxy and also X-Men. There are also the villains from The Black Order which are Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Supergiant, Black Dwarf and Proxima Midnight. Other characters that were seen in the trailer include Ronan, Wilson Fisk, Nick Fury, Nebula and also Crystal.

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The new action-packed game will allow up to four players to play simultaneously in co-op battles and they can play together online, offline via local wireless or even by using Joy-Con. The game will be released in 2019, so Marvel fans who have a Nintendo Switch should definitely look out for this.