In today’s society, everything is all about gender equality and Google is implementing that for Google Translate. In an effort to reduce gender bias in its translations, Google Translate will now show gender specific translation for some languages.

Before this, Google would only show one translation for words that could either have a feminine and masculine form. Words like “strong” or “muscular” are usually perceived as masculine, whereas words like “beautiful” or “nurse” is perceived as feminine. With the new implementation, now Google Translate will show both feminine and masculine translations for selected languages.

For now, the gender specific translations are available for English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, whereas Spanish to English is the only language pair that provides both translations for sentences, for example, as seen above, in which typing “o bir doktor” in Turkish will turn up both “she is a doctor” and “he is a doctor.”

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This new feature would only work on browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, and it will soon be available on iOS and Android.