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Yesterday Qualcomm revealed the Snapdragon 855 chipset at the Snapdragon Tech Summit and today, OnePlus announced that their first 5G smartphone will be using the new Snapdragon chipset.

The company’s CEO, Pete Lau also stated that OnePlus will be the first in Europe to release a 5G smartphone and they’ll be cooperating with EE, the largest telecommunications provider in UK. Both companies are working together to ensure that the users are able to experience a smooth 5G connectivity and the 5G smartphone will first launch in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester.

OnePlus will launch 5G smartphone in 2019 with the Snapdragon 855 1
Image credit: OnePlus

While OnePlus have been known to sell premium phones with less premium prices, Lau said that the 5G smartphone will probably cost up to $300 more than 4G smartphones due to the complexity in producing the phone. As creating 5G phones that can accommodate to several different cellular carriers with different frequencies is much harder than doing so with 4G phones, the cost will be increased to ensure that they could find a solution to cover the different cellular carriers worldwide. The complexity of the technology also cause challenges in the phone design due to the placement of multiple antennas, and the company will have to think of a suitable design and layout to ensure that the signals are not blocked.

However, the 5G smartphones are what smartphone consumers are looking forward to now, and since it’s capable of increasing the speed and performance of data transfers, connectivity and information processing, it’s necessary for the company to produce 5G smartphones to bring users better smartphone experiences. OnePlus also said that the 5G smartphone will not be the successor to the OnePlus 6T and instead will start a new series of its own.

OnePlus will launch 5G smartphone in 2019 with the Snapdragon 855 2
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On the other hand, Samsung has also revealed a 5G smartphone prototype at the Snapdragon Tech Summit, and the prototype has a screen cutout at the top-right corner which is admittedly hideous and queer. Let’s hope that OnePlus can do better than this.

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