Wechat or 微信 (Weixin) has announced that they are launching a new feature in-app called “Selfie stickers”.

Stickers have always been apart of how WeChat users use to communicate with their friends and family as it does not require much typing, but it conveys their message clearly. Very much like its name, the feature allow users to take pictures or videos of themselves and turn it into a sticker in app. They could also swap out the background, speed up the video and add text into the selfie, which could be saved into user’s sticker collection after they’re done.

In order to use this feature, users would need to update their WeChat to the latest WeChat 6.7.4. Once updated, just open a chat, tap the smiley face next to the text entry field, and then tap the clearly marked “add sticker” button.

For now, the selfie sticker feature is only available on iOS devices. There’s no information of when it will come to Android devices, but it should be available soon.