Image credit: Quora

Quora has recently been hacked by a third party on 30 November which led to user data breach, affecting 100 million Quora users.

According to Quora, the information that has been compromised include account information such as name, email address, encrypted password, data imported from other linked networks, public content and actions such as questions, answers, comments, upvotes and also non-public content and actions such as answer request, downvotes and direct messages. However, anonymous users will not be affected since the company did not keep the identities of those who posted anonymously.

Besides that, the company has also hired a digital forensics and security firm to investigate the case and notified the law enforcement parties, and they are notifying all their users whose data were compromised. In addition, they’re logging out all the affected users and invalidating all users who uses passwords as their authentication method to prevent any further data breach. Quora also advises its users to change their passwords especially if the same password is used on different accounts with the same email, as the hackers might be able to gain access to their other accounts.