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With 2018 coming to an end, Qualcomm decided to announce their latest chipset that will power flagship smartphones in 2019, the Snapdragon 855 at the Snapdragon Technology Summit at Maui, Hawaii.

The first thing to know about the Snapdragon 855 is that it will be supporting multi-gigabit 5G, which means that it’ll certainly be seen in the first wave of 5G smartphones. Not only will the chipset be able to increase the speed of network connectivity in smartphones, it’ll also be able to assist smartphones in producing better pictures by recognising the subject of the photo and offer the in-screen fingerprint feature which Qualcomm calls the 3D Sonic Sensor.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 will be in 2019 smartphones 1

The 5G network support is definitely the main highlight of the chipset, and it is said to be able to go up to 100 times faster than the current 4G network. The Snapdragon 855 is also using Qualcomm’s 4th generation AI engine which leads to faster information processing and three times better performance than the Snapdragon 845. 

The AI engine is said to not only improve on scene detection and subject recognition, but it’s also increasing the responsiveness of digital assistants, improving the depth of field in portrait mode photos and also enhancing AR experiences.

More information will be revealed about the Snapdragon 855 in the coming days as the Snapdragon Technology Summit has just begun.

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