PUBG players are in a for a treat as PUBG and Capcom has announced their collaboration to bring a crossover event featuring PUBG and Resident Evil 2, the news was announced on the Japanese Resident Evil twitter account.

The video and the post itself did not give out any specific information on what’s about to come, but there might be a possibility that PUBG is implementing zombies into the game which will definitely be much more of an exciting experience for players, as it heightens the players sense of surrounding while playing the game.

It’s unsure when the crossover event will begin but according to PUBG Mobile official twitter page, it sounds like players would not have to wait long as PUBG has stated that “Something is coming very soon”. While zombies mode would seem to make the most sense, given the limited footage, it’s possible that the crossover will simply feature skins from the Resident Evil franchise similarly like what PUBG has done for their previous updates such as the Halloween theme game play.

According to Digital Trends, “The crossover event will also serve to hype up Resident Evil 2, the upcoming remake of the PlayStation classic, which is set to launch January 25, 2019. The ground floor remake, unveiled at E3 earlier this year, has already garnered a lot of fanfare. A crossover event with a game that has millions of users will only increase interest in the early 2019 release.”