Facebook has recently brought a new global update to the app, specifically regarding the Facebook stories that now allow users to perform Group Stories.

With Group Stories, all the members in a group can now share stories to the group to be viewed by other members. This is great for when Facebook users want to share certain photos or videos with specific groups such as their close friends, their work colleagues or their community groups. Admins of groups will also be able to mange the group stories to prevent any unwanted posts such as approving or deleting stories before the stories are shared to the group, muting members and also configuring the setting to only allow admins to post in Group Stories.

Besides that, group members are allowed to react to stories posted by other members quickly with emojis, which is somewhat similar to Instagram’s Story react emojis. 

This Group Stories is rolling out globally despite that it debuted last year, and with the new feature, users can share their stories with smaller audience, just like the “close friends list” in Instagram. Apart from the fact that it is now available in group and can be contributed by multiple individuals, the feature works pretty similar with the normal Stories. Users can just upload any pictures or videos and add doodles, stickers, effects and texts they want and share it.


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