Samsung was recently made fun of by Twitter users, as the company’s Nigerian Twitter account promoted the Galaxy Note 9’s Super AMOLED display but the tweet was found to be done via iPhone.

The blunder made was first discovered by Marques Brownlee, a famous tech reviewer who suggested he could be a “Twitter police” during the incident. The Samsung tweet was posted on 25 November, and Brownlee discovered the fact that the tweet was made via iPhone on 2 December, posting it on his own account to expose Samsung.

Samsung promoted the Galaxy Note 9 display while using an iPhone 1

However, Samsung is quick to respond because within an hour or so the account was temporarily shut down, and people were  assuming that it’s to remove that promotional tweet and to check if there are any remaining tweets that were made via iPhone. The Twitter account is already reactivated, though some Twitter users are still replying to the account’s newest tweet, mocking the company for their mistake.

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This is not the first time Samsung messed up, as previously the company’s Saudi Twitter account was also found to share a tweet that was sent via iPhone. There were also the times when LG made fun of iPhone’s ‘bendgate’ issue while tweeting from an iPhone, and Huawei was promoted by Gal Gadot on Twitter using an iPhone. Gadot did explained afterwards that it was her publicity team that might’ve been using an iPhone to tweet on her behalf, so this means that Samsung could’ve faced the same situation. 

That being said, Samsung should ensure its publicity team or marketing team are more cautious, and maybe just not use iPhones for work to prevent future embarrassment.

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