The first e-payment solution for fuel purchases has arrived in Malaysia, and it’s introduced by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) with an app called Setel.

Setel allows customers to make payment through their smartphones so that they will no longer need to queue or walk over to counters to make payment for fuel purchases. Not only is this the first e-payment solution for fuel purchases in Malaysia, it’s also the first in Southeast Asia. In addition, users can integrate their loyalty points into the apps so there’s no longer the need to use to separate cards to pay and earn points.

Setel had a beta launch in July 2018, and because the responses were positive and welcoming, it is now available in over 40 stations within the Klang Valley, and it’s expected to be available nationwide by the end of next year. From January 2019, users will also get to purchase items using the app at Mesra stores.

The app shows users the nearest PETRONAS stations that supports the e-payment feature so users will know where to go, and they can top up using their credit/debit card and also use online banking to top up in the app. When they are at the station, the app will show the pump numbers that are available, so users can decide how much they want to pump into their vehicles or click on the Full Tank ‘option’ for a full tank of gas.

The app is available for download on both App Store and Google Play, and users can download the app for free.