Ever since I had my first Android phone, I have been searching everywhere in the Play Store to customize my phone to the best experience I can get. Not until I came across Microsoft Launcher that I think other launchers need to do some catching up. Although it isn’t as clean and neat as stock Android, the features and tricks that it offers are much more useful than you’d think. Plus, with the new update, it is getting a new feature that you might want to check out for your own wellbeing.

The News tab actually comes in handy

Why You Should Give Microsoft Launcher a Try On Your Android Phone? 1

One of the best features of Microsoft Launcher is the News tab. Microsoft did a fantastic job at making the News tab a comprehensive and easy-to-read section, and if you give it a try, you might not need any other news app anymore. Under the new update, the News tab gets its own segment of the Home page, instead of the old widget that sits below other widgets that you have on the Home page. It is a lot cleaner now, but to be honest, I wish it had a bit more customization with the source and categories of the news. But so far, so good.

Gestures are fun and all, but have you tried customizing them?

Why You Should Give Microsoft Launcher a Try On Your Android Phone? 2

If you have seen the gestures on a OnePlus device or an iPhone X, Microsoft Launcher lets you have the same luxury of a similar experience, and it is way better with customization. Microsoft Launcher provides a ton of gesture options, be it swiping up or down from Home page, double tapping, or two-finger swipe up, you name it. The best thing about this is that you can customize any gesture to a certain function. For example, if you wished your phone has an iPhone X-style swipe up gesture to access the recent apps menu, you could do exactly that. You can even customize which app you want to open with your preferred gesture, and the experience is intuitive and spot-on, I would say. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised.

Personalization at its best

Why You Should Give Microsoft Launcher a Try On Your Android Phone? 3

Like everyone else, an amazing trick that I use on my phone is the Personalization settings in the launcher. With it, I can change whether I want to have the dock appear on my Home page, or to have bigger icons, or even toggling with the built-in theme which can control the transparency of certain windows on your Home page. While all these are not brand-new features, the key lies in the ease of customization with this launcher. There are many great launchers out there, but the simplicity to customize it into something you crave for is definitely A+ for this launcher.

Finally Bing saves the day

Why You Should Give Microsoft Launcher a Try On Your Android Phone? 4

I have always wanted a wallpaper or background on my phone that I can look at without feeling bored of it, but do not want the trouble of having to change it every single day, nor do I want the downsides of having a live wallpaper. Here is how Bing saved my day. You can have your wallpaper provided daily by Bing so you get to see a totally different background every day. Also, the new beta update lets you have your own collection of wallpapers on rotation instead of the daily Bing wallpaper.

The feature you need to stay ‘digitally’ healthy

Why You Should Give Microsoft Launcher a Try On Your Android Phone? 5

As more users are jumping onto the train of managing their digital wellbeing, Microsoft Launcher brings digital health feature to the table. It lets any users with the launcher get access to viewing how long each apps have been used, tracking screen time and even checking the number of times you have unlocked your phone. Take note that this feature is now only accessible in the beta update and other features include ‘Hey Cortana’ integration and the ability to sync To-do lists and Sticky Notes between your phone and computer.

If you are one who cares greatly how your phone screen looks like to you, the Microsoft Launcher might be a good choice to consider due to its ease of use. Thus far, it has been a great one for me, and I don’t think I will be changing my decision for a while.


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