Since the existence of the hashtag feature has started from Twitter, other mobile apps and websites had also adapted it into their platform. Google Map is also jumping into the wagon by enabling their users to use the hashtag feature while writing an review on Google Map.

It is said that the feature has already been rolled out globally a week ago on Android devices, but there is no confirmed timeline of when the feature will be on iOS and Web version.

The enabling of the hashtag feature allow users to check on relevant topics and places posted by reviewers on the app quicker. For each review written by users, they are able to add up to five hashtags per post by inserting it at the end of their review to make texts easier to read and use specific terms to make it more relevant.


The written hashtags must be relevant and helpful, for example dietary options like #Vegetarian or accessibility such as #WheelChairFriendly. As for outdoor locations, users could hashtag #PetFriendly, #SelfieWorthy, #SunsetView or anything that is related to help other users to get to know about a place.

To use the hashtag feature, tap the blue link in a review to be taken to a list of the other nearby places that have the same hashtag.







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