If you didn’t know, Samsung has introduced its very first ever Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game app, called “ManaBox”. Its similarly like the Pokemon Go mobile game, but instead of catching Pokemons, you’re catching cute Mana boxes and instead of using Pokeballs, you use Mana Tapes.

ManaBox is not your ordinary AR game where you just play and collect points, its much more than that! While playing ManaBox, the points collected from catching the Mana boxes allows you to redeem real life awards such as movie tickets, Starbucks beverage, shopping vouchers, GRAB vouchers, and many more!

In the game, you will be able to identify different types of Mana Boxes such as Cheeky, Cutey, Feisty, Snobby, Charmy, Gutsy, Bitey, Rooky, Friendly and Fury. Catching them could be a tricky thing, but your hard work will definitely pay off once you’ve collected enough points to exchange for a reward that you want. So, the more you catch, the higher the chances of you getting more rewards. Other than that, rewards are extra exciting if you are able to catch the Golden Box.

The game is currently available for download only on Google Play Store, but don’t fret fellow Apple users, Samsung will be bringing this awesome mobile game app to Apple App Store very soon.

To learn more about Samsung’s ManaBox mobile game, log onto www.samsung.com/my/offer/mobile/mana-box.