Facebook has recently been under a lot of criticism with all the issues that have been occurring, and their recent bug is rather creepy, because old messages started resurfacing in their users’ chats.

Facebook users reported to be receiving old messages from their friends on Facebook, and the messages are marked unread and new. This means users will receive notifications of the incoming messages, but only to open the Messenger tab and realise that the message could be from a few months back to a few years back. 

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the company is aware of the issue and is trying to solve it, but it in the meantime, users will be facing old messages that could be long forgotten. It could go both ways, you might be reminded of memories that you’re fond of or memories that you never want to speak of again.

You can either choose to ignore the comeback of the old messages, or just delete whatever conversations that you no longer want to see. Facebook users can only wait for the current matter to be resolved, but it is rather disturbing to know your Facebook conversations from 10 years back are still accessible.


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