It has been reported that Logitech is planning to buy over “Plantronics”, just months after purchasing “Blue Microphones”. According to Reuters, Logitech has been reportedly offering as much as $2.2 Billion (RM9,234,500,000.00) in hopes of adding the headset maker to its ranks. Although there is no confirmation on this matter, a deal could be announced by this week if negotiations between the two is successful.

Logitech reportedly offering $2.2 Billion to acquire Plantronics 1

If Plantronics is successfully acquired by Logitech, it would be Logitech’s most expensive acquisition to date and could be a great addition of the company’s lineup of PC’s and mobile accessories.

In addition to that, Reuters added that “Both companies are trying to reduce manufacturing costs and minimize the impact of the Trump administration’s tariffs on China imports into the US. Joining together is certainly one approach to doing that.”

Throughout the years of acquiring different brands and companies, Logitech has spent the most in the year of 2018 with the purchase of Blue Microphones which cost the company a whopping amount of $117 Million (RM491,107,500.00) and maybe soon, Plantronics.

UPDATE : On today’s news, Logitech International has reported that while it had engaged in discussion with Plantronics about a potential transaction, Logitech had terminated the negotiations. The company declined to comment further.

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