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The revelation of Android 9 Pie by Google a few months back featured something called Digital Wellbeing, and the feature is finally available in public version instead of being a beta feature.

The Digital Wellbeing on Android is similar to the iOS’s Screen Time, as both features function to tell the users the amount of time spent on their applications so that they can better manage their time on their smartphones. Digital Wellbeing has a dashboard which displays all the applications used and the amount of time spent on each applications, in addition to how many times a user has unlocked his/her phone and how many notifications were received.

Users can also use the App Timer to limit the amount of time they spend on each application, and when they’ve reached their limits the applications will turn grey for the rest of the day. Besides that, there’s also a feature called Wind Down which allows user to stop notifications from coming in and also activate displays such as Night Light and Grayscale, the former reduction blue light to for better vision protection and the latter turning the display into monochrome mode to remind users that it’s time to put down their smartphones.

Currently, Digital Wellbeing is limited to Android One and Pixel smartphones but Google promises that it will soon reach to other Android users. 

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