Disney’s Wreck It Ralph has made a surprise appearance on Fortnite after the release of its second movie. Ralph, the main character from the movie “Wreck It Ralph” was first spotted during a stream from “MozzzyyTwitch”, where Ralph was seen appearing on an outdoor cinema screen.

So far there’s no confirmation or statement of whether this cameo is part of a bigger crossover event between the two properties. However, Thanos from the Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe was previously made a playable character for a limited-time event.

Although fans online have speculated that Ralph could be a playable character in the game, it could also be a small Easter egg made to coincide with the film’s release weekend. The game is constantly updating with new content, and its not surprising if there were to be a Wreck It Ralph and Fortnite crossover in the near future. We could only wait for their official announcement.

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