It’s that time of the year to decide your next new smartphone, and while there are a lot of choices in the market, you obviously want to choose the latest and greatest to go with. However, good smartphones aren’t affordable these days, and we aren’t talking merely about its retail price, but also the maintenance of it, so what’s the fun of rocking a new smartphone when you have to worry about all of this?

With Digi’s Phone Freedom 365, you can now own the latest smartphone of your choice at a lower retail price, stay worry free during the ownership and get yearly free phone upgrades. No credit cards required. Here’s all you need to know about it.

No Upfront Payment Required

How to pay and worry less your new smartphone with Digi Phone Freedom 365? 1It sucks when most smartphone plans still require you to pay for an upfront payment when you are already so attracted to the phone’s subsidized price, though the payment is rebated to you in the subsequent months, it simply makes you feel that you are paying more for the device than usual.

Digi Phone Freedom 365 requires no upfront payment, and all you need to do is to be an active Digi Postpaid customer for 6 months with good payment record, stay on or upgrade to an eligible postpaid plan, and you are good to go.

Own Your Smartphone and Upgrade for Free

How to pay and worry less your new smartphone with Digi Phone Freedom 365? 2Leasing a smartphone sounds ridiculous when you are already paying monthly fees that is close to the original retail price during the subscription.

With Digi Phone Freedom 365, you get to keep the smartphone that you have signed up at no additional cost even after the 24-month contract ends, and depending on the smartphone you choose, you will be eligible for a free device upgrade as soon as you reach the 18th month of your tenure, then continuing paying for the new smartphone’s installment plan.

Affordable and Flexible Phone Protection Plan

How to pay and worry less your new smartphone with Digi Phone Freedom 365? 3Accidents happen and no matter how careful you are, you will definitely have that unfortunate day of having your phone damaged or stolen, which is why Digi Phone Freedom 365 gives you the option to sign up to Digi Shield for as low as RM9/month for full coverage or a one-time fee from RM29 for screen crack replacement, there is also no repair fee charged if your phone is damaged.

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The Best Selection of Postpaid Plans

How to pay and worry less your new smartphone with Digi Phone Freedom 365? 4With Digi Phone Freedom 365, you have the freedom to choose from the most value for money Digi Postpaid 80 plan at RM80/month, which gives you 20GB of data, 30GB of YouTube data and unlimited calls to all networks. Otherwise, go all the way up to the DiGi Postpaid 190 that gives you 100GB of home data, Digi Roam Like Home in over 10 countries with 5GB data and 60 minutes calls for RM190/month.

The Best Phone Ownership Programme for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro

How to pay and worry less your new smartphone with Digi Phone Freedom 365? 5The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the latest bad boy in town with three upgraded LEICA camera lenses, and it is available with Digi Phone Freedom for as low as RM111/month, multiply that by 24 months, you are paying a total of RM2664 for the entire period and saving over RM935 off its original price.

Furthermore, you can upgrade your Mate 20 Pro to a new smartphone at absolutely no additional cost when you reach the 20th month of the subscription, which makes the phone’s total ownership even more affordable at RM2220, and you don’t even need to worry about its resell value, just return the phone to Digi and you will be upgraded to a new smartphone.

How to pay and worry less your new smartphone with Digi Phone Freedom 365? 6The comparison chart above shows Digi’s advantage over other phone ownership programmes, where it stands out to have the lowest total cost of ownership over 24 months, while offering the most attractive data plan and having two flexible device protection options.

Digi’s Phone Freedom 365 will be offered soon to new and port-in customers, head over to Digi’s website to check out other phones offered with the programme.

This worry-free phone ownership tip is brought to you by Digi

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