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Huawei has already announced that they will be releasing a foldable smartphone in 2019, and this smartphone will also be supporting 5G networks.

Some also referred to the smartphone as Huawei Mate X, and while the exact release date is not revealed, the Mate X is expected to arrive at the Mobile World Congress next year in February and expected to be available for sale in June 2019.


The Mate X is a smartphone that is assumed to be 5-inch when it’s folded and 8-inch when it’s opened up, making it a tablet-sized device. The smartphone will come with a notch to house the front camera and on its back, it will have dual cameras of 12+20MP lenses. Rumors also suggest that it will be running on EMUI based on Android and is powered by Kirin processor, though it is unsure whether it will be powered by the Kirin 980 processor. Other leaks on the device is still unknown, but the concept video produced by TechConfigurations predicts that the phone might have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Of course, there are also other smartphone brands such as Samsung and LG that are also revealing their foldable smartphones next year, so we can only compare between the smartphones and test out the foldable technology when all these smartphones are available to us.

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