Google Calendar is getting an update next year and it’s the removal of SMS notifications from the app.

Starting from 7 January 2019, Google Calendar will no longer support SMS notifications hence users who have been receiving SMS notifications will get in-app or email notifications instead. According to Google, they’ll be changing the Calendar API for the new update to occur, hence why it’s only releasing next year.

In truth, there seem to be no harm in removing the SMS notifications as there are the alternate ways to be notified. Both iOS and Android users will soon see the notifications as event notifications if they have the Google Calendar app in their smartphones, and for those who set up SMS notifications for new, changed, cancelled events or even event responses will in return get notifications in emails.

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Many users might be affected if they are used to the SMS notifications but then it’ll be quick before they come to terms with it since the in-app and email notifications work since Google say they can still get notified regardless of their devices or connections.


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