As the year is about to end, its usually time for a busy person like me to start thinking of a well deserved break, but when it comes to choosing a trip, I usually get bogged down by the amount of offers from travel sites, some led me to other websites which doesn’t show the exact offer price, and some doesn’t even allow me to make special requests to my flight itinerary unless I pay additional fees.

Thankfully, there’s this app called Pick A Trip helps me get the job done, everything from selecting a flight to booking a hotel all happens in one app on your iPhone or Android device, and here’s why I absolutely love it as compared to other apps.

First, it has got to do with the user-friendly interface and comfortable font typography, if you are someone who doesn’t have a preference of destination to travel to, you will be able to pick a trip from the beautiful thumbnails when you launch the app.

Unlike other apps, the price on the thumbnail shows the return fare price instead of a one-way trip, making it easier to choose a destination based on my budget. If you already know where you would like to go, simply tab on the Flights tab and you will be able to enter your destination as usual, you also get to choose your preferred airline to fly with.



Once you select a destination from the main screen, you will be shown several airlines, pick one and select your departure and return date, then you will be presented with flight times to the destination with their respective fare prices.

In the return flight time selection, I’m happy that it showed if I need to pay additional fees for a specific time slot; and should I be dissatisfied with my selection, I can easily go back and choose a different date, there’s no annoying slow loading times and refreshes as I do so.

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After choosing your preferred flight time, the tedious part of entering your information is usually the last troublesome thing you will want to do, thankfully the app allows you to store up to 20 passenger profiles, which includes additional details such as meal preference and frequent flyer membership number.

Booking a hotel via Pick a Trip is also just as simple as a few taps, I like that I’m able to view high resolution photos of the rooms and the simple ‘About’ description of the hotel, what I’m even more impressed is that I’m also able to use the autofill feature from my flight details to fill in the room booking details, this saves me a lot of time and eliminates errors.

Lastly, all your travel itinerary details are all saved in the Pick a Trip app, no more hunting for flight and hotel vouchers in your messy mailbox whenever you need to access it.

Pick A Trip is a great travel app that you should have it installed on your phone, its free, fast and reduces all that trouble when planning your next vacation. For a limited time till 30th November, Pick a Trip is offering RM88 off any bookings you make via the app by entering SINGLELA upon checkout, so start planning your next trip and download Pick a Trip on your iPhone and Android smartphone at absolutely no cost.

Download Pick a Trip from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

This worry-free travel booking tip is brought to you by Corporate Information Travel Sdn Bhd.


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