Google is bringing the new WearOS update to their users, and many users are looking forward to the update as it will be able to extend the battery life of their smartwatches.

Google introduced it as System Version: H Update and although we are unsure what the letter “H” stands for, this update focuses on 4 aspects. The first update is an update to the Battery Saver Mode which made the headlines because it can extend the battery life of smartwatches. The Battery Saver Mode can be turned on once the smartwatch’s battery falls below 10%, whereby only the time will be displayed when it’s low in battery so that users can still have the traditional function of a watch even when it’s running low.

Google's new WearOS will help extend smartwatches' battery life 1

The next update is called the “Improved Off Body Efficiency” which is also aimed towards battery conservation. When user’s smartwatch remains inactive for 30 minutes, it will actually go into a deep sleep mode so that less battery will be used, resulting in longer lasting battery. Then there is also the “Two Step Power Off” which allows smartwatch users to turn off their watch in just two steps. According to a Google employee, you only need to long press on the power button until the power off screen appears, then you are given two options to either shut down your smartwatch or restart it. 

Last but not least, there’s “Smart App Resume” for all the smartwatch apps now, which allows users to resume their apps from where they left off previously, so that they will not have to relaunch the app and redo whatever they were doing on their smartwatches. The WearOS is already rolling out, but it was reminded that it will be rolling over the coming months so not all WearOS users will get an immediate update as it is also determined by the watch manufacturers.

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