Volkswagen’s mobile app, the VW Car-Net now supports a new Apple mobile device feature, and it includes Siri commands to allow the car owners to interact with their vehicles.

First and foremost, Apple users will need to have iOS 12 for the new features to be carried out. The new features allow Volkswagen owners to user Siri to control their vehicles by locking or unlocking their vehicles, checking estimated mileage with the fuel or charge left in their vehicles and also enabling the Flash or Honk & Flash commands. Besides that, car owners can also have personalised phrases to start or stop charging their cars, control the defroster and set the climate temperature. In addition, owners can locate their car with the by asking Siri “Where is my car?”.

Apple users can now unlock and locate their Volkswagens with Siri 1

The app allows users to create voice commands using Siri for a hassle-free experience, but apart from that, the VW Car-Net also has security features and diagnostics information. The app is also available for smartwatch including the Apple Watch and users can actually lock or unlock their doors remotely, get the map location and directions to their locations. 

Basically, the VW Car-Net is an app that comes with many functions that will definitely enhance user experience but it comes at a price. Users will first receive a six-month trial subscription but after that they’ll have to pay monthly to continue using the app. This is just recently made available in America, so it is unsure as to whether other countries will get it soon or even get it at all.


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