After the release of Android Pie, people are already expecting new features from Android Q, the tenth version of Android which is now announced at the Android Dev Summit to have a multi-resume feature.

Android Q is rumoured to be available sooner than expected, whereby it’s said to make GSI (Generic System Images) earlier than the release of next Android version. This is something that is difficult to achieve, but the engineer of Google’s Project Treble team said that they’re in progress of achieving that so that users can actually experience new features in the Android Q before it’s even released to public.

Android Q's multi-resume feature allows split screen apps to run simultaneously 1

Now as we’re discussing on the new features, the multi-resume feature is something that many are looking forward to. While the split screen feature is already old news, users who are always using the feature will know that while one app is playing, the other app usually pauses. Now the Android Q’s new feature will allow both apps to play simultaneously, meaning your app will not be in a paused state as you use the other app. 

The multi-resume feature is expected to be available as early as next year, and users with Android Pie users will be able to experience the new feature if the apps and OEM opt in to test on their Android Pie devices which will require software updates. Meanwhile, the Android Q is also rumoured to have more features that are compatible with the foldable smartphones such as screen continuity and multi-displays features.


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