With the constant update on the game itself, It has been rumored that PUBG will finally come to PlayStation 4 by the end of the year. Before that happens, its highly likely that they will update the game first with their partnership with DC comics to launch the Suicide Squad and PUBG crossover which has been confirmed by PUBG Corp. not too long ago.

PUBG was launched on PC in March 2017, dominating sales charts on the Steam store as a result leading to an Xbox One edition by December 2017 and mobile edition in early 2018.

In the past, PUBG originally appeared in Xbox Game Preview last year, priced at $29.99 (RM124.82) and now, Microsoft have announced that the full 1.0 release of PUBG for Xbox is “free for a limited time,” and you can download the game for free immediately from the Microsoft Store. The free promotion is set to last between 8 November to 11 November 2018.

While neither Sony nor PUBG have confirmed the news that the game will arrive on the PS4 next month, it would make sense that the game’s platform exclusivity would end one year to the day it launched on Xbox One.


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