Previously we’ve told you about the new features that’s coming the Facebook’s new Messenger 4, but now Facebook is going to allow you to unsend your messages, just like Instagram and WhatsApp.

The feature that claims to be coming soon will allow users to remove messages in a conversation within 10 minutes after it was sent, and this includes texts and pictures, though we cannot be sure if it’ll work on videos. 

This feature was first announced in April because Facebook was caught deleting old messages sent by their CEO, but after 7 months of waiting, the update was finally announced on the Messenger’s update. However, the exact date of release is still unconfirmed though the feature was already undergoing internal tests according to TechCrunch.

Sure, the unsend feature is only available for like 10 minutes, which is so much shorter compared to the time limit provided by WhatsApp but if you’re regretting sending a message, you probably need only few seconds before wanting to unsend it and if you only realise your mistake after 10 minutes, it’s probably already read by the receiver anyways.


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