With the arising number of underage or young gamers, Tencent Holdings have announced that they will expand an addiction prevention system for underage gamers to all of its games.

The system introduces a healthy gaming system that includes time limits on daily game play and can perform facial recognition ID checks. According to Tencent’s official WeChat account, the system have already been applied to one of the company’s popular game known as “Honour of Kings” and will continue to apply the system into nine other mobile games this year. It is also confirmed that Tencent will expand the system into all Tencent games next year.

With the addiction prevention system, children aged 12 and under are only allowed to play one hour a day while minors older than 12 can play for two hours a day. By doing so, Tencent hopes to combat gaming addiction and increase hear sightedness among youngsters in an attempt to meet the Chinese Government’s call for tighter controls over young gamers gaming habits.

In September, Tencent have announced the plan to add real name registration system for new gamers on its mobile battle game “Honour of Kings”. The fantasy role playing battle game has proved so popular that Tencent introduced restrictions to playing time for children in July last year in response to criticism by state media over game addiction.

It is also mentioned that Tencent have tried out facial recognition identity verification for new players in Beijing and Shenzhen in September and have been verifying existing user ID information in October, which they expects to complete by end of this month.




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