If you’re a big PUBG fan and have been keeping yourself updated on the game, you’re in for a treat! As PUBG has teamed up with DC Comics to allow players to use new skins that make them appear as Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn and Joker in the game.

The teaser of the new skins have been posted on all PUBG’s social medias such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, but there’s not much of information provided other than the fact that we can play as Joker and Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad and the word “Coming Soon”, similarly to what PUBG has done for its Halloween event, “The Frightful Halloween”, where there wasn’t much information given before the release of the Halloween themed update until the day of the release itself.

It is unknown if PUBG will add on more characters from The Suicide Squad but it is not impossible as PUBG is always surprising their fans. Whether or not the skins are only for a limited time or a permanent skin, there’s no doubt that PUBG have gotten their fans excited for the new update.