Rumour has it that the YouTube app will be coming to Nintendo Switch, and it’s coming this week itself.

Users will saw that YouTube was included in the “You might also like…” section and it has made many users to have high hopes that YouTube’s appearance in the Switch might be real. While this is not the first time YouTube has joined Nintendo’s systems such as as the 3DS and the Wii U, it will be a great plus should Youtube come to the Nintendo Switch, whereby the only streaming app currently is Hulu.

Unlike Hulu, YouTube is free of charge and also one of the most popular streaming app which will also align with Google’s goal to make it omnipresent. As to whether this information is true, we can only wait till 8 November to see if it’ll be released in the Switch. If it’s true, we can hope that Netflix will be the next to appear in this Nintendo device.


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