Malaysians in general are always fearful and insecure about their surroundings as there are always danger or crime happening nearby. Although the Malaysian Government have reported that the crime rates of Malaysia have decreased by 11.7% early this year, it is not convincing enough for Malaysians to let down their guard as there are still crimes happening daily in different parts of Malaysia.

In order to combat the fears and insecurity of the public, the Malaysian Royal Malaysia Police or also known as Police Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) have created a few apps for the public to use for their convenience to report any suspicious acts in their surroundings or to report any crime.


The Volunteer Smartphone Patrol or better known as VSP is a new initiative by PDRM in establishing collaboration and strategic cooperation to prevent crime with the local community as the eyes and ears of the police.

In the past, PDRM encouraged the public to lodge a report via PDRM Hotline or Short Messaging Services (SMS). But with the VSP app, the public can now lodge a complaint or a report easily with multimedia elements such as videos, pictures, and GPS location Coordinates.

Users can lodge reports and complaints on cases such as stealing, suspected drug abuse, violence, illegal road racing, and many more cases that needs police assistance. There is also a “Balik Kampung” feature in the app that allows user to inform PDRM of the date of when they will not be around home and while they are away, there will be police that will come patrolling around their housing area to ensure the safety of the user while they are not home.

VSP is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

SaveME 999 POLIS 

SaveME 999 POLIS is specifically designed for users who wants to lodge an emergency request that needs immediate help or assistance from PDRM. The app uses GPS in smart phones to identify the location of the users, so in case of an emergency, the police could detect the real time location of the user who have lodge the emergency request.

Details such as name, phone numbers, type of emergency, and registered address of the user will be transmitted automatically to The Malaysian Emergency Response Services 999 Response Centre (MERS 999 RC). Additional information about the incident and location detail can be added in the message. The informations will assist PDRM to send the required help fast and accurate.

There’s a “Preset Location” feature in the app whereby the user can add addresses of  familiar locations such as their home, office, parents house, or any other important places. If there were to be any emergency situation that occurs at one of the preset location, users can quickly choose the location from the preset list and send out an emergency request.

SaveME 999 POLIS is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


A collaboration made between PDRM and Program Transformasi Kerajaan (GTP), the SSO PDRM app is designed to enable Malaysians to check the report status of any online services provided by PDRM.

The SSO PDRM app allows user to check the status of their case, for example, if a user had gone to the police station to report a case or had filed a complaint through any PDRM app, they can check the status and process of the case if it is under investigation. Other than that, user of the app could also check if they have any unpaid summon that needs to be paid through the app.

By downloading this app, user who aspire to be a policemen or policewomen would have the privilege of getting first hand notification if there are any on going police recruitment by PDRM.

SSO PDRM is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.



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