Apple definitely has some surprises this round, as it has announced the newly redesigned iPad Pro at its October 30th Special Event today.

The new iPad Pro comes in two sizes at 11-inches and 12.9-inches, which both have radically slimmed down bezels on all corners, there’s fortunately no notch like the iPhones and it has all the sensors on the front that is required for Face ID, Apple is also maintaining the same 120Hz ProMotion display and it is also called the Liquid Retina like the iPhone XR, you will need to operate the iPad Pro with the iPhone XS gestures too since there’s no home button on the device.

Powering the new iPad Pros is an A12X Bionic processor, which Apple has gone on further to claim has 1000x better graphics performance than its predecessor, it also theoretically has the same graphics processing power as an Xbox One X, no external power and cooling fan required.

Apple is also finally breaking the tradition of using proprietary ports with USB-C on the iPad Pro, as Apple demonstrated use cases of it being able to connect to peripherals such as external monitors, music instruments and more, while being able to charge your iPhone via the USB-C Lightning cable and technically, any USB devices out there.

Also new but an unfortunate feature, the new iPad Pro has axed the headphone jack.

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Though Apple didn’t specifically mention anything on the iPad’s camera, we assume it to be the same 12MP sensor that’s found on the iPhone XS as it supports Smart HDR and 4K 60fps video recording, which makes it literally the most powerful camera ever adapted on a tablet.

Along with the new iPad Pros, Apple is also introducing a new Apple Pencil that charges wirelessly as soon as it attaches to the iPad Pro magnetically, a new folio cover keyboard is also announced and offers better working angles than the previous keyboard. Otherwise, the iPad Pros will continue to sport a 10-hour battery life, a four-speaker audio system with woofer and tweeter pairs, Gigabit-class LTE and eSIM technology.

The iPad Pros will be available in storage options of 64GB, 256GB, 512GB and a whooping 1TB, they are available starting today and will ship on November 7th, local pricing of the new iPad Pros are detailed as below:

iPad Pro 11-inch (WiFi)

  • 64GB – RM3499
  • 256GB – RM4149
  • 512GB – RM4999
  • 1TB – RM6699

iPad Pro 11-inch (WiFi + Cellular)

  • 64GB – RM4149
  • 256GB – RM4799
  • 512GB – RM5649
  • 1TB – RM7349

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (WiFi)

  • 64GB – RM4349
  • 256GB – RM4999
  • 512GB – RM5849
  • 1TB – RM7549

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (WiFi + Cellular)

  • 64GB – RM4999
  • 256GB – RM5649
  • 512GB – RM6499
  • 1TB – RM8199