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It seems that the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR are not Apple’s latest products for 2018 as we are nearing the October 30th event in New York. Rumors are piling up on what devices we should be expecting this Tuesday and recent speculations have it that Apple might refresh the Mac Mini, iMac and release a low-cost MacBook as they registered three new Mac models in the Eurasian Economic Competition database. Let’s take a look at the things we wish to see at the Apple event if the speculations are true.


Mac Minis and iMacs – Significant upgrades and more

Here's what we can expect on Apple's October 30th event 1

If the rumors are true, the number one thing we wish to see in the new Mac Minis and iMacs will be the internals. The long overdue processors in these machines have not gone by everyday without somebody praying that Apple will upgrade them sooner. As such, we have reasons to believe that Apple will release upgraded versions of the three Macs with faster processors. Also, users would love Apple more if the new Mac Mini can join its sibling counterparts iMac and bring Thunderbolt 3 ports to the table. Should that come true, we can fully expect a standardized port across all the Mac product lineup and it would be great news. If Apple is going to refresh the Macs, it would be really substantial to include the new T2 chip for better security across all the Macs, which will also integrate support for Siri.


Mac Pro or Mac Mini Pro

Here's what we can expect on Apple's October 30th event 2

While the new filings for EEC hinted the upgrades needed by the Mac Mini, iMac and the new MacBook, there was no sign of the Mac Pro which has also seen some form of aging. In any case, we do hope that Apple has got some plans for their aging Mac Pro, which some say will get a complete redesign by this year or next. One idea at SlashGear suggests that there might be, who knows, a Mac Mini Pro instead, which leaves us the question of how Apple is going to pull this off. As PC sizes have shrunk over the years, we are excited to see if the new Mac Mini or Mac Pro could come in the form factor of Intel NUC, or at least in the size of the Mac Mini running high-end processors.


The iPad Pro for prosumers refreshed

Here's what we can expect on Apple's October 30th event 3

Besides the refresh for the Macs, the iPad Pro is also rumored to be upgraded with newer internals and thinner bezels. One important feature on the iPad will be FaceID, which is believed to appear in the new iPad Pro, albeit with thinner-than-ever bezels. There are also rumors that Apple will introduce a new Apple Pencil too. The 10-hour-battery life claim on the current one is just to weak to be considered a powerhouse accessory for the iPad compared to the Surface Pen.


A better ‘tip’ for the Apple Pencil

Here's what we can expect on Apple's October 30th event 4

If there is one thing about the Apple Pencil that I can add, it’s the magnetic connectivity where the Apple Pencil can be attached to the sides of the iPad, just like the Surface Pen. I mean, the Apple Pencil is a great product if it isn’t the length of a regular pencil, but an electronic pencil that can pair with its tablet without annoyance is very much appreciated. This, too, might be the main difference between the new one and the last Apple Pencil as it might adopt the W1 chip found in its AirPods. If the iPad Pro is getting a refresh, the Apple Pencil might be as well get one too.


As much as we know about these rumors, Apple will definitely bring some form of surprise to the event. An included fast charger might just be the right move for the upcoming products, but who knows what is up Apple’s sleeves this time around? Hopefully, the October 30th event will be an event where Apple makes it up for the Mac lineup of products and the iPad Pro, and will not let Apple fanatics down.


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