Not too long ago, PUBG Corporation have teased their fans on both Twitter page and Youtube channel where they showed sneak peaks of what players could expect to see from the new update. Now, when players update their PUBG game, they should be prepared to see a whole new skin and theme dedicated to Halloween that comes along with new game play.

Some of the changes that has been made includes Night mode in the Erangel Map, from time to time the map will switch from day to night randomly, making it more exciting and intense for players to shoot their enemies especially in the dark. While waiting to go on board the plane, players can interact with one another on Spawn Island by picking up pumpkins and candies.

Weapon wise, players may come across the QBU DMR gun, exclusively in Sanhok map and there is also a new truck added into Sanhok, which is the Rony Pickup Truck that could play music while you’re driving but the music can be stopped in the car settings. Other than that, players could look forward to Crew Challenges and the maximum number of crew could be limited to six players. Last but not least, there is a new “Share For Deals” feature where player could ask their friends for help to bargain for special items.

PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 update for Android and iOS is available now for download. The new update would last till 7 November 2018, where the game will go back to its classic mode.


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