In the year of 2018, movies and cartoons have portrayed that human kind would expand it’s technology and create super high technology products, one of it being flying cars. Flying cars may seem like a dream but now things are about to get real because Singapore have announce that they will be running a test trial of flying taxi which will begin in the second half of 2019.

Volocopter, which is also the company behind the Singapore project have said in a statement that the drone-based vehicles would take to the skies in a series of “inner-urban flight tests” with the support of local authorities. Besides Singapore, there are already countries that have already run the test trial, one of it being Dubai and another being Germany, which has successfully boarded individuals onto the flying taxi during the test trial.

Singapore to be the first country in Asia Pacific with flying taxi 1

According to Volocopter CEO, Florian Reuter, he has describe Singapore as a “logical partner” in its effort and have mentioned that “The city is a true pioneer in technology and city development”. He also added that by saying “We are confident this is another exciting step to make air taxi services a reality.”

According to local newspaper The Straits Times, in the year of 2016, Singapore was the first country to begin set trial for driverless taxis and by the year of 2017, Singapore has unveiled plans to introduce “robot buses and shuttles” to commuters starting in the year of 2020. The planned flying taxi trial aims to determine whether the electric powered aircraft, which was created with inner-city flight in mind, will live up to its design brief when operating in an urban environment.
Though the design of the flying taxi may look like your average helicopter, it’s drone like capabilities means it could be operated from the ground or by a pilot, carrying two passengers for about 30 kilometers.


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