Halloween is right around the corner and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also known as PUBG Corp has released a nine second video teaser on their official twitter account for an up coming Halloween themed map. On Twitter, the video captioned “Beware … Halloween approaches.” On Youtube, the description is pretty similar “Sneak a peek at your own peril. No Treats. All Trick. Coming Soon.” Other than that, there wasn’t much information given by PUBG Corp.

In the video, you will be able to see a player being chased in a dark building by multiple assailants, one wearing a skull mask and the other wearing a pumpkin head, there is also an unknown figure that is holding a knife. According to fans online, they have come out with a theory that the Silent Hill looking nurse and Pennywise looking clown may be AI controlled enemies, but it is not confirmed if that is the case.

There’s only two weeks till Halloween approaches, so it shouldn’t be too long till the new Halloween themed map is out. However, the video suggests numerous possibilities for the new map. Whatever the direction may be, it is very much anticipated by PUBG players world wide and it would definitely bring more intense game experience for the players.