Snapchat was once a trendy app that many uses, but due to its rushed interface design, it has led to the app losing many of its users (3 million active users, to be exact). Snapchat however has been bringing in more updates to attract users to either stay and come back to the app.

Snapchat filters is now available...for your cats 1

Now thanks to Snapchat’s latest updates, the app can now detect your cat’s face, meaning that Snapchat’s AR Lenses will be applicable to your cat. Now the animal recognition is not new, as previously Snapchat had filters that work on certain breed of dogs, but finally cats are also welcomed on the app. Filters that would work on your cats will have a paw icon on the lens, so be warned that not all filters will work.

Snapchat users can now post silly filters with their cats wearing hats, glasses or flower headbands. This would be of interest and fun to the cat owners, though knowing the personality of cats, it is safe to say that they won’t be as amused.

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