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If you love singing and you can’t live without reading lyrics, you’ll be excited to know that the Apple Music is now collaborating with Genius.

Genius, a music encyclopedia and lyrics database, has partnered with Apple Music, making Apple Music their official music player. This means that Apple Music subscribers can play all the songs on Genius’s website and iOS app, while others are only allowed 30 seconds playback on the web player. All you need to do is sign in with your Apple ID, and you’ll gain access to all the available songs.

Apple Music is now Genius’s official music player 1

In addition, Genius will bring its lyrics to Apple Music’s platform, which expands the quantity of lyrics available for songs on your Apple Music library. When you access the Genius app, you’ll realise the songs on your library is all in the My Music tab, and if Genius has the lyrics, you’ll get your songs ready to be played with lyrics.

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This feature is exclusive to Apple Music subscribers and is available on Genius’s website on desktops and iOS mobile web, and also its iOS app. It’s unfortunate for Android users, but we can always hope that Genius will do something about it in the future.

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