Samsung has always been the phone manufacturer that chose to stay with the conventional stuffs when it comes to its devices, such as removable batteries back then, and now it seems like the company is prepared to follow suit with the rest of its peers by removing the headphone jack.

While we certainly believe that there isn’t any reason to do so, given that recent Samsung flagships worked pretty well with a headphone jack and still has Ingress Protection, we should assume that this could allow more components to be fitted into the chassis, such as as a bigger battery or sensors that could eventually introduce new features to its devices.

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Even if this is really the case, wireless headphones are already easily available at very affordable prices, and if you prefer to go old school, you can still easily hook the device up with a USB-C audio dongle, such as Creative’s Super X-Fi dongle I’ve experienced back in COMPUTEX, they sound way better than a phone’s built in DAC if you are serious about audio.

These are just rumors as reported by Korean news outlet ETNews, but we should expect Samsung to still keep the jack alive in next year’s Galaxy S10, and probably start this trend off with its Galaxy A series devices.


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