Repairing an Apple device has proven to be a tedious process, YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips have videos showing the issues on getting their iMac repaired and he has even stated that Apple Genious employees have problems diagnosing Mac products. The only alternative is to send these products to third-party fixers to rectify the problem.

However, Apple is not happy about this unauthorised repairs and now Mac devices will require a proprietary software called Service Toolkit 2. If you were to change your MacBook Pro’s display, logic board, keyboard, trackpad and the Touch ID, the device will be locked. On the other hand, replacing the iMac Pro’s logic board or flash storage will lock the device. It will only be unlocked if the Service Toolkit 2 is used by an Authorized Service Provider. It might be a safety measure is in place to ensure the integrity of the device but that goes against the right-to-repair laws which force companies to release parts and instructions to users and third-parties that are able to repair the device.

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This might be an issue for Apple users in Malaysia as it cost a lot of money to get replacement parts for Apple products and most of us know that going to an official shop to get a device repaired is not ideal as the prices are always jacked up compared to a third-party specialist that is able to get parts for cheaper.


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