Acer has made great strides in the PC market with their line up that caters to the consumer and enterprise market. Now, it looks like the company wants to take it one step further and they are looking at the automotive market. They unveiled a self-driving concept car at the Taiwan Automotive Technology Innovation Summit 2018, a collaboration between Acer, HAITEC and Luxgen car brand.

The car has achieved a level-4 self-driving based on the Luxgen S3 electric vehicle platform where Acer’s driving system encompasses sensing, decision-making and control. The driving system uses AI and sensor fusion algorithms which receives data from real-time kinematic positioning, cameras, Lidars, MMW radars, Inertial Measurement Unit and ultrasonic sensors. It can also perform object recognition thanks to deep learning technology and implements dynamic vehicle control to realize autonomous driving.

Acer has plans to open up their autonomous driving platform to partners and developers in the future, as their platform can enable multiple levels of autonomous driving.

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