Google is having an event on October 9th, where they will be showing off the new Pixel 3 phones as well the latest Chromecast 3. But it looks like the surprise for both these products have already been exposed as the Pixel 3 phones were found on the black market and now retailers in the US are already selling the new Chromecast 3.

Little information on the Chromecast 3 has been exposed based on an FCC listing, which showed it coming with a 5GHz WiFi and Bluetooth support. The devices were spotted in Best Buy and many Redditors were sharing images of the new Chromecast after purchasing them. Its functionality is generally the same but the design has been changed as it comes with a more simple minimal design compared to the glossy finish the previous generation had. Sadly, it does not support 4K UHD and only 1080p, so if you are looking for 4K output, you might still have to stick with the Chromecast Ultra.

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3rd Generation Google Chromecast are already on shelves in US, shows new design and price 1

Most of the products that Google has to show during their October even have already been exposed, so it will be interesting to see how the company makes their show more interesting to viewers. The 3rd generation Chromecast is priced at $35 (RM144.83) which is the same price as the previous Chromecast when it released.

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