After TM announced its plans to offer free unifi turbo speed upgrades, it seems that its rival, TIME isn’t sitting on its laurels any longer, as some subscribers have noticed a speed increase on their existing Internet connection and have posted on Lowyat.NET forum.

TIME has been rather quiet after the Malaysian government has urged all ISPs to reduce broadband prices and increase speed. Like TM, TIME probably won’t reduce prices but instead, offer a significant speed upgrade to all new and existing subscribers. As for this, here’s how your speed would be after the upgrade:

100Mbps -> 300Mbps

300Mbps -> 800Mbps

500Mbps -> 1Gbps

With this upgrade, this would make TIME the most affordable high speed broadband in the country like it used to be, as TM’s 100Mbps plan starts from RM129 and is equivalent to the former’s base plan, though its still a sad case that the service is only limited to high rise buildings.

We expect TIME to make an official announcement soon, and let’s hope business users get the upgrade too. If you would like to know why TIME is able to achieve this in such a short period, read our feature write up here.

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