Sony has been pretty adamant about rejecting cross-play features on the PS4. Previously they mentioned that they disabled cross-play for “security reasons”. However, Xbox and Switch players have been playing not only Fortnite but Minecraft and Rocket League together as well, but it looks like Sony has finally caved in and is enabling cross-play for Fortnite between different consoles

There will be an open-beta today that will allow PS4 players to play Fortnite with Switch and Xbox One users. Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, have mentioned that they are working on two features that will help players who created a second account just to play on the PS4. The first, being an account-merging feature that will combine purchases coming in November, the second is to allow players to unlink a console from their Fortnite account and relinking it to another account which should arrive in a few days.

This is a first step in unifying all gaming platforms as Sony has been the only company that is against cross-play, while platforms like Mac, PC, Xbox and Switch have been playing cross-play supported games for a while now. There is hope that Sony will extend cross-play to other games as well, as they have mentioned that they are looking to open up the console in the future.