Honor has an upcoming phone called the Honor Magic 2 and apparently, Xiong Junmin, Vice President of Honor has said that the phone will come with a graphene-based technology and other surprises when it launches.

Graphene batteries were first mentioned by Huawei’s Watt Labs which allows Lithium-ion batteries to function in 60-degree Celsius environments, 10 degrees Celsius higher than its current limit. The technology will assist with heat dissipation and lowers the overall temperature of the battery. They added that it will also offer double the battery life of regular lithium-ion batteries. This might sound like its too good to be true but lab tests have shown that the battery will be able to retain more than 70% of its battery capacity after more than 2000 charge cycles at 60 degrees Celsius. Reports have also indicated that the Honor Magic 2 will come with 40W charging and the graphene technology should do a good job keeping the heat of the phone down while allowing it to be charged with the mentioned wattage.

Honor Magic 2 might be the first phone to use Graphene batteries 1It is unsure if the company plans to implement this technology in its cooling system for the components as well, as researches have concluded that graphene is a better cooling material than anything available and it is cheaper and thinner.


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