The race for a fingerprint on display(FOD) sensor phone has begun and all the phone manufacturers are part of this race to produce a working and reliable sensor that is also fast. Vivo was the first followed by Huawei’s Mate RS phone and recently we had news that OnePlus will be implementing this technology in their OnePlus 6T. Now another company has joined the race and things are about to get interesting.

Based on leaks, Samsung is preparing to equip their Galaxy P30 smartphone with a fingerprint on display technology. If you have not heard of the Galaxy P-series, that’s because it was intentionally reserved for the China market as well as the Galaxy W-series of foldable phones. The technology will be vastly different from the module that will be used in the Galaxy S10. The P30 will be using the same technology as Vivo and Xiaomi, but the S10 will be using Qualcomm’s ultrasonic technology. Based on the leaks, the P30 will be using an LCD screen which is said not to work with a fingerprint on display technology. Usually OLED screens are the choice for FODs but apparently, a display maker called JDI has a module that works with LCDs screens.

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Even if we won’t see this phone and the technology in Malaysia, it is still good to know that a major company like Samsung is believing in a FOD, which brings us a step closer to full display phones.


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