Android Auto has been the infotainment unit that everyone has grown to love. Some vehicle manufacturers are even incorporating Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay as a two-in-one system, making it easy for everyone. However, cheaper cars come equipped with just a simple radio/CD player, forcing users to change the head unit to an Android Auto unit, but Toyota is changing all that.

It would appear that the Japanese company and Google are working together to bring Android Auto to all Toyota cars. Prior to this, the company did not allow Android Auto to be equipped in their car but it seems both companies have come to an agreement. The main reason why Toyota did not want Android Auto in their cars is due to the amount of vehicle and personal data that the company collects. Back in January, the company has already green light Apple CarPlay in their Avalon, Corolla Hatchback and RAV4, but there was a bigger demand for Android Auto.

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Toyota might include Android Auto in their future cars 2Bloomberg which first got the info, is still unsure which of the car models will be getting Android Auto. However, an official announcement on the agreement could be made in October.

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