The Battle Royal genre has taken the world by storm and it all started with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and slowly more games like PUBG surfaced. However, PUBG, the game that started it all was exclusive to only the PC and Xbox and PS4 users received the short end of the stick, until now.

Eurogamer has spotted that the game has been rated by the Korean Game Rating Board which indicates that its exclusivity on the Xbox is about to end, opening up the game to other consoles. The game was signed as an exclusive on the Xbox, disallowing it to be on any other console. This move allowed for 8 million copies sold on the Xbox, and once version 1.0 was rolled out, it fixed many of the bugs that plagued the game. It also helped that Microsoft was releasing PUBG Xbox bundles that drove up the sales of the Xbox.

They have not mentioned a date or a confirmation that PUBG will be on the PS4, but seeing as its a platform for the game company to tap in, and the amount of PS4 owners compared to Xbox, it is a no-brainer to release the game on the PS4.