One of the biggest features of iOS 12 is the support for third party navigation apps on Apple CarPlay, with Google Maps and Waze as the two highlighted apps, the former has finally updated its iOS app to version 5.0, which will finally enable you to use it for navigation instead of the default Apple Maps.

In the case of Malaysia, Apple Maps may have improved slightly over the years, but it still doesn’t have as much destinations as Google Maps and lacks on-the-fly route suggestions. Unfortunately, Siri currently still doesn’t work with Google Maps, but there is a voice button within the Google Maps app which you can still use to enter destinations using your voice with Google’s speech-to-text engine.

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The Google Maps update should have reached your phone by now if you are already on iOS 12. For users who use Waze, we’ll announce it here once it becomes available, meanwhile start beating the traffic today with Google Maps and let us know what you think about it.