There are some of you that are using your computer to play mobile games like PUBG Mobile and the countless other Battle Royal games that are available on the Play Store. In addition to that, for those of you that are using Bluestacks to emulate Android on your PC might benefit from the new version that the company released.

The company has claimed that the new version will offer up to 31.25% improvement in Lineage 2 and 12.6% of improvement in PUBG Mobile when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and the iPhone X. However, they did not mentioned the PC specs they were using when they produce these results. But a decently powerful computer should be able to produce the same results. Other than that, they have also redesigned the interface to give it a less cluttered and more streamlined interface. They are also giving you the option to customize the appearance with skins and wallpapers.

Bluestacks 4 offers up to 31.25% improvement in mobile gaming compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9+ 2For those of you that are using Android emulators like Bluestack to give you a competitive edge in your games will benefit from the new version thanks to its performance increase.

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